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Why We Serve.

Charities have a huge problem. Almost the only way that they can fund operations is donations from people like you and me. They can’t sell products. They can’t go into business. Funding is extremely limited. exists to serve charities forever. We use affiliate marketing commissions that large and small businesses give us for referring people through our website to purchase their products through their websites. We use that money to fund charities and purchase assets to ensure that they receive an ever increasing amount of funding from our business. The assets we will own include, but are not limited to, dividend yielding stocks, angel and early investments in start up companies, and other income producing investments.

How it works.

There are two ways you can help. The simplest is to visit and look through the full list of brands that we are affiliates of. Then, simply bookmark the clickshoprise page and use it to click through to the brand’s website and we will get a commission each time you shop there. It’s really that easy. This is completely free for you and is already factored into the price of the item you’re buying. In other words, you are helping charities at no extra cost to you. The top 10 websites people add to their bookmarks are Amazon, eBay, Target, SEMrush, Touch of Modern,, eHarmony,, Intuit Small Business and JCPenny’s. Worth noting, (a fashion retailer) donates 50% of their profits to UNICEF. Please note that 100% of revenue generated by Amazon will be used to pay for operating expenses as amazon does not allow associates to donate their revenue to Charity.

The second way you can help is visit anytime you feel like finding a new website to shop on. All of the websites listed provide us with an affiliate commission. We are constantly adding new companies to the list and update it approximately once a month.

Why do companies pay us?

Traditional advertising is extremely expensive and does not provide a guarantee that the company will receive customers. Therefore, many companies choose to pay “affiliates” (people like us) a set percentage on each item. This provides the opportunity not only for companies to not have to pay for advertising until after the sale, but it also allows them to take the affiliate fee back in the event of a return.

Where exactly the money goes.

We generally get paid our commissions on a monthly basis (although some pay out less often). Once received, we immediately split the commission the following 4 ways:

$2 for every $10 we receive will be split evenly and given to the Charities We Support, as unrestricted funds.

$6 for every $10 we receive will be put into the General Fund. This will be used for all activities of the business including all business related expenses, acquisitions of stock, investments in startups, and other income producing assets, and tax payments,

$1 for every $10 we receive will be put into a Reserve Fund. This will be used to exclusively cover return fees. When a customer makes a return, cancels their vacation, or ends their subscription early, we may have to pay back all or part of the money that we received from the company. This fund covers that cost.


$1 for every $10 we receive will be Discretionary Income of the business that may be used by the company for any purpose including additional donations to Charities, taking profits, bonuses to employees, or any purpose we so desire.

As we receive distributions or dividends from investments, the money will be split the exact same way. $2 of $10 to the Charities We Support, $6 to the General Fund, $1 to the Reserve Fund and $1 for Discretionary Income.

Our Mission.

To put it in 2 words: Charities Served.

It’s time to end diseases, homelessness, hunger, and all the problems we are facing today. Charities have the ability to do all that and more. It is our purpose to fund that process.

I Don’t Shop Online, How Can I Help?

Thank you for wanting to help us even though you don’t shop online. One thing you can do is share this website on your social media page(s), just copy this URL: and paste it into your social media page to post. Additionally if you haven’t already, please enter our Love Comes Early Sweepstakes here.

A Question We Get Often:

Many people have asked us what products provide us the highest commission as a percentage or if we would be willing to post the exact commission rates on our website.

Generally speaking, software or anything recurring provides us with the highest commission rates. Any physical products tend to have the lowest rates.

We will not disclose the commission rates on our website. Most of the affiliate programs are easily found online using a simple search. If you search the website’s name with the words “affiliate commissions” after it, you will be able to find the commission rates from almost all of our retailers for free.

The most important thing is having the link on your bookmarks bar so each time you click to the website, we get a commission. We would rather get tiny commissions than none. The investments we make with these small amounts will compound tremendously.



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