The full list of companies we are affiliates of.

Companies are listed in alphabetical order. In parenthesis is the industry the company operates in. An asterisk (*) next to their name indicates that Team Dead Inc is (or will be) a customer, as well as, an affiliate of the company. Links on this page will bring you to our Official Link(s) for the companies. Please bookmark them if you shop there often.

We will update this page approximately once a month. The last update was on 1/13/19

Alpine Swiss (Consumer Goods - Online Fashion)

Amazon (Consumer Goods - Everything) Please note that 100% of revenue generated by Amazon will be used to pay for operating expenses as amazon does not allow associates to donate their revenue to Charity.

Best of Orlando (Travel - Tickets and Reservations)

Best of Vegas (Travel - Tickets and Reservations)

BlueGrace Logistics (Business - Third Party Logistics) (Travel - Travel Reservations)

Carhartt (Consumer Goods - Durable Clothing Retailer) (Financial - Cash Advance)

CB-1 Weight Gainer by Supragenix (Supplements - Natural Weight Gain) (Travel - Travel Reservations)

Chicago Steak Company (Food - Steaks and Fine Food)

CS Vape (Consumer Goods - Electronic Cigarettes)

eBay (Marketplace - Everything)

Economist Test Prep (College - Test Prep) (Social Networking - Dating)

Equifax Small Business (Business - Credit Reporting / Repair)

Expert Rating (Training - Online Professional Certification Courses) (Electronics - Discounter)

Fiverr* (Marketplace - Business Services)

Flowers Fast (Delivery - Flowers)

Gabriel & Co Fine Jewelry (Consumer Goods - Luxury Jewelry)

Get Response (Software - Email Marketing)

HTC and HTC Vive (Consumer Goods - Cellphones, Headphones, VR etc) (Consumer Goods - Electronics and Apple Accessories)

illy caffe* (Consumer Goods - Coffee)

Intuit Small Business: QuickBooks, Go Payment and Payroll* (Software - Business Management)

JCPenny’s (Consumer Goods - Fashion Retailer) (Consumer Goods - Online Fashion) (Delivery - Flowers)

KitchenAid (Consumer Goods / Business - Kitchen Appliances and Supplies)

Living Social (Consumer Goods - Extreme Discounts)

Logitech* (Consumer Goods - Electronics and Accessories)

MAGIX Software and Vegas Creative Software (Business - Editing Softwares)

McLaren Store (Consumer Goods - Official McLaren Merchandise) (Consumer Goods - Women’s Fashion)

Newchic (Consumer Goods - Fashion Retailer)

NixPlay (Consumer Goods - Electronic Photo Frames)

NuWave Oven (Consumer Appliances - Kitchen)

Omron Healthcare (Consumer Goods - Medical and Fitness)

Outdoorsy (Marketplace - RV Rentals) (Travel - Booking Reservations) (Credit Card Rewards - Purchase / Trade Credit Card Rewards Points) (Business - Web Hosting)

RefrigiWear (Consumer Goods - Winter Clothing) (Travel - Booking Reservations)

Roku (Consumer Goods - Electronic / Streaming)

Russell Stover’s Chocolates (Consumer Goods - Chocolates)

SEMrush* (Software - Search Engine Optimization and 15+ others)

Smart Destinations (Travel - Travel Packages)

Sonos Pro Audio (Consumer Goods - Audio Equipment Retailer)

Target (Consumer Goods - General Retailer)

Touch of Modern (Consumer Goods - General Retailer)