The 20 most popular companies that we are affiliates of.

Companies are listed in alphabetical order. In parenthesis is the industry the company operates in. An asterisk (*) next to their name indicates that Team Dead Inc is (or will be) a customer, as well as, an affiliate of the company. Links on this page will bring you to our Official Link(s) for the brand.

We will update this page approximately once a month. The last update was on 1/13/19

Amazon (Consumer Goods - Everything) Please note that 100% of revenue generated by Amazon will be used to pay for operating expenses as amazon does not allow associates to donate their revenue to Charity. (Travel - Booking Reservations)

Carhartt (Consumer Goods - Durable Clothing Retailer)

Chicago Steak Company (Food - Steaks and Fine Food)

eBay (Marketplace - Everything) (Social Networking - Dating)

Expert Rating (Training - Employee Certification and Training)

Fiverr* (Marketplace - Business Services)

Gabriel & Co Fine Jewelry (Consumer Goods - Fine Jewelry)

Get Response (Software - Email Marketing)

illy caffe* (Consumer Goods - Coffee)

Intuit Small Business: QuickBooks, Go Payment and Payroll* (Software - Business Management)

JCPenny’s (Consumer Goods - Clothing Retailer) (Credit Card Rewards - Purchase Credit Card Rewards Points) (Travel - Booking Reservations)

Roku (Consumer Goods - Electronics / Streaming)

Russell Stover’s Chocolates (Consumer Goods - Chocolates)

SEMrush* (Software - Search Engine Optimization and 15+ others)

Sonos Pro Audio (Consumer Goods - Audio Equipment Retailer)

Target (Consumer Goods - General Retailer)

Touch of Modern (Consumer Goods - General Retailer)